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  1. The Polytechnic College aims to inculcate value-based technical education and mould the character of the younger generation enabling rural youth to fit into a wider world of opportunities and pursue socially productive careers and meet the challenging needs of the industry, society and the country.



To impart quality technical education and competency based training by providing a conducive learning atmosphere to fulfil the need of the students from all the sections of the society especially from the rural areas.


• To impart technical education in the rural poor students and build confidence in them to face the challenging needs of the industry and society.
• Bridge the skill gap between the current industrial requirements and the rural youth.
• Create a diverse, fully-engaged, learner-centric campus environment.
• Improve staff support through expanding professional development opportunities
• Create an ambience for bonding through equity, trust and mutual respect.
• Strengthening and providing support in sustaining a healthy society by improving the quality of life through application of technology.
• To get accreditation within 2 years.

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